Welcome to Fla-ONE®

Welcome to Fla-ONE®

Your new ally for strong and healthy plant development!

Fla-ONE® and the power of BIOTECHNOLOGY

Fla-ONE® is our answer to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s farmers. Our many years of experience in the field of biotechnology has brought us to the special combination of bioflavonoids, micronutrients and organic acids – and thus to our powerKOMPLEX!

How does the powerKOMPLEX in Fla-ONE® work?

The powerKOMPLEX forms the basic structure of our Fla-ONE® products and unfolds its full power through the synergistic effect of the combined building blocks. This activates metabolic processes, boosts the immune system and supports growth.

This leads to more stress-resistant plants with a strengthened self-defense and an increased yield potential.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly adapt our formulations to new cultures and their needs through targeted changes in concentration and the addition of specially selected culture-specific additives.


For a clear conscience!

Of course, our carefully selected ingredients meet the requirements of sustainable and organic agriculture and, in combination, offer full POWER for healthy and strong growth.


Test Fla-ONE® now

It doesn’t matter whether it’s wine and fruit growing, arable farming and vegetable growing or seed growing – with Fla-ONE® you can rely on a reliable solution that delivers results to your satisfaction.

Try Fla-ONE® and see for yourself how strong and healthy your plants will grow!

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