The powerKOMPLEX

The powerKOMPLEX

With a unique composition

The special basic formulation of powerKOMPLEX forms the basis of our various Fla-ONE® products.

The various bioflavonoids have a strong antioxidant effect and, in combination with essential micronutrients, improve the enzyme activity of the plant. This improves plant metabolic processes, increases cell division and elongation and reduces stress.

Shoot and root growth is faster and stronger. The plants can develop their root system more, which increases the proportion of fine roots and thus also the root surface. The natural organic acids improve growth,
strengthen the photosynthesis performance and act in the
Hormone regulation with.

This allows more carbon to be absorbed and in the form of
Exudates are delivered to the microbiome. That encourages and supports the microorganisms, which in turn provide nutrients for the provide plant.

The surfactants contained increase the water attraction and binding, at the same time they reduce the surface tension of the water and thus ensure better wetting and absorption by the plant. The crop-specific additives are perfectly tailored to the needs of the respective crop and synergistically support the effect of powerKOMPLEX.

Organic Acids (OA): Growth Enhancement, Hormone Regulation, Nutrient Absorption | Bioflavonoids (BF): stress reduction, increased cell division, improved absorption | Surfactants (S): Faster and more even uptake by the plant | Micronutrients (MN): Co-factors for controlling enzyme activity, activating and supporting important metabolic processes, improving the immune response

Additives (+): crop-specific growth support

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